A letter to the US People. (Una carta al pueblo estadounidense.)

From Mayda Camacho.

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People of The US:

I´m sorry about my English, because this is not my original language. I´m a Venezuelan woman who wants to express my feelings about what you are living with Covid-19. When I read about how much people are dying nowadays on your country, because of Pandemic: I felt awful.

You don´t need to die! You have nearby 90 miles a tiny Island called Cuba with doctors and medicines to help all over the world against novel virus. Just talk with your President, Donald Trump, and claim to back off the Economic Blockade against that country. Your lives are on your hands and on your voices.

Nowadays Cuban doctors are helping in a lot of countries in order to stop Covid-19, with others professionals too. It´s not easy, but they are working on it in the Island and around the World. Wherever you are, even in New York, where are to much people infected: please, react and ask for helping. The Cuban people are very kind and they are going to be close to you for saving your live too. This is not about policy, this is about the necessity of saving the Human Species.

Today, your Government it´s setting focus on other Blockade too, this one it´s against my country, Venezuela, and they are sending members of the army to threat our tranquility. In spite of, my President, Nicolás Maduro, it´s working focus on stopping the Pandemic in our territory. We are in conditions to face the emergent virus with professional people, medicines and hospitals, everything totally free.

What are you waiting for, guys? If I were you I would start right now. Look for “Cuba and Venezuela Solidarity Comitee” (http://www.cuba-venezuela.org/index.php/es/). They are a group of people, who claim for right things, and I´m sure they have ideas for helping. Everybody need free health.

We can fight together in order to increase the World Solidarity. Now it is the moment of defending our rights and avoids more death.

My best for you, nice people.

Mayda Camacho.


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