Some quetions to Trump about terrorist act against Cuban Embassy in Washington. 

From Mayda Camacho.

More than two months have passed and The US Goverment have not  answer  about the terrorist act with a firearm by the cuban Alexander Alazo Baró against The Cuban Embassy in Washington.

Of course, people who were inside of that instalation are cubans, and the good ones, who represents the example of Fidel Castro Ruz and follow the revolutionary principles of Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, definitely the US Government does´nt care anything if they have had cuban wounded or dead. What a little human sensitivity! How many those people hate that Island in the Caribbean! Trump is not a diplomatic guy, he only shows a terrible silence about that topic and awful actions in South Florida!

Because of the Presidential Agenda, Trump went in July 10th to the Church Doral Jesus Worship Center to share with members of the Cuban and Venezuelan exile. Come on, Trump: What are the links of that religious center with the attacker Baró? What commitment do you have with that institution and the Pastor Frank López? Why don´t you talk about that?

On November Trump could be reelected, and the consequences are going to be terrible for US People and the left countires of Latin America. I urge to the grateful people of the Left to do a chorus for the truth. Let´s use our social networks as tribunes and to demand to the President of USA to do justice against the terrorist act.

Trump, answer to Cuba: RIGTH NOW!!!!


Pictures: Taken from Internet.

Original version in Spanish:


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